The Muscle PhD Academy FAQ

Can I join the Muscle PhD Academy from any country?

Yes! The Muscle PhD Academy can be accessed from anywhere around the world. Currently, the only language offered is English, but we are working on translating the course in the future.

Is the Muscle PhD Academy for beginners or more advanced people?

Both! The Muscle PhD Academy was designed to make anyone an expert in exercise science. Our specialty is taking complex scientific topics and packaging them into digestible lessons that can be applied immediately. The beginner will garner a greater understanding of scientific concepts while the advanced practitioner will learn new methods of applying the latest science to their craft.

Do I get a textbook?

No, there is no textbook associated with the Muscle PhD Academy. However, each weekly chapter includes multiple linked readings that you are more than welcome to print out to keep as reference. If one of the links is not working, please let us know and we will update it. Science journals occasionally change their access rules and sometimes this results in a link that doesn’t reach a full version of a cited paper.

I am having trouble logging in, what should I do?

First, check to make sure your password is correct. If you forgot your password, just click the Forgot Password link to reset it. If login issues persist, please contact our support team at [email protected].

I am having trouble playing videos and seeing certain content within the course.

Check your internet connection and try logging in through a different web browser. Also, make sure the web browser you’re using is up-to-date. If you’re still having issues, please contact our support team at [email protected],

I have not received a confirmation or follow up email. What should I do?

Please check your spam or junk folder and add [email protected] to your email contacts.

I have passed my final exam. What should I expect?

Congratulations! We will send you an email from [email protected] with additional information within 3 business days from the date you completed the exam. You will get electronic and physical copies of your ASPI-ESS certification and CEU information.

I have a suggestion for the Muscle PhD Academy. Who should I tell?

We love suggestions and are always looking to improve The Muscle PhD Academy. Please reach out to [email protected] to input your suggestion.

How much does the course cost?

The Muscle PhD Academy, when paid in full, is $1,997. We also offer payment plans on all offers.

How do I pay for the course?

Payment for the course is by credit card and handled through our online payment form. If you select the payment plan option, monthly cost is automatically charged on the date you sign up and every month therafter.

What is the process of recertification?

Once you pass the final exam to become an Exercise Science Specialist (ESS), the Certification will be valid for 2 calendar years. Recertification is $199 (waived for the year 2021) and requires one to attend a conference that has relation to eercise science and/or performance nutrition talks to stay up to date with new information and provide documentation of attendance. If you are unable to attend a conference, please reach out as we can also provide you with our MPHD Academy Recertification course.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel please reach out to [email protected]